Nordic Pet Food Events

Nordic Pet Food Events (NPFE) was set up in 2015 to organise technical seminars for the petfood industry. In less than 6 months, they organised the 1 st  Nordic Pet Food Seminar in Stavanger in November 2015, an event for which they received widespread acclaim from nearly 80 attendees, from over 12 countries representing more than 50 petfood industry companies. NPFE is the brainchild of Milka Tesla Kosanovic, owner and founder of Sandnes (Norway) based technical consultancy Passion4Feed, who set the company up with support from David Primrose (Managing Director of UK based Synergy Food Ingredients). The 1 st  Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar is the second in a planned series of technical pet food industry seminar scheduled to take place round Europe.  
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Passion4feed provides services in the

areas of product development,

formulations and technical

tonsultancy for pet food and feed

industry. We help our clients and

partners to develop or improve their

products and services.

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Synergy Food Ingredients

Synergy Food Ingredients (SFI) is a

specialist technical consultancy for the

food and petfood industries. SFI has

successfully delivered innovation, cost

reduction, food safety management

and quality management projects for

clients in the food and pet food




has formal education within

animal science and nutrition and

holds MSc in Feed Manufacturing

Technology. Milka has hands on

over 12 years corporative experience from

animal feed, ingredients, aqua and pet food

industry. Today Milka is running

Passion4Feed AS, company that is providing product development and ingredient application services for pet food industry. Milka runs trainings and workshops and helps industry to keep up with their formulations.


is a food technologist by training. He holds a Diploma in Food Technology, a degree in Chemistry and an MSc in Food Safety Management. Passionate about petfood he combines provision of training and technical consultancy in Food Safety Culture. David has more than 37 years' Research & Development experience in the food industry and petfood industry and his own technical consultancy Synergy Food Ingredients Ltd (SFI Ltd), based in the UK. He runs training workshops and regularly speaks at petfood conferences.