1st Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar
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Day 1 Topic Organisation 20.00 22.00 Welcome drinks reception - Networking event All Day 2 08:00 08:30 Registration 08:30 08:40 Welcome and Introduction to the seminar Organisation 08:40 09:15 Pet care in the Mediterranean region Stefan Anbro , Euromonitor 09:15 09:50 Yucca Plus a gift from Mother Nature, scientifically proven  Patricia Bruinsma, Jadis Additiva 09:50 10:25 A critical review of benefits and risks in feeding raw  food diets to companion animals  Dr. Diana Brozić, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagreb 10:25 10:55 Networking and Coffee Break 10:55 11:30 Pea protein as dry blood plasma and wheat gluten replacer in pet food chunks  Milka K Tesla, Passion4feed AS 11:30 12:05 Understanding Nucleotides and their Mode of Action  Dr. Klaus Hoffmann, Chemoforma 12:05 12:40 Occurrence of mycotoxins in pet food: an invisible potential threat for dogs and cats  Dr. Giacomo Biagi, University of Bologna 12:40 13:40 Lunch 13:40 14:15 Mixing in animal feed production - principles, equipment, testing and novel approaches Dr. Radmilo Colovic, Institute of Food Technology Novi Sad, Serbia 14:15 14:50 Rheology evaluation of starch products in pet food Novel protein sources for pet foods Networking and Coffee Break   Mark Bason, Perten Dr. Guido Bosch, Wageningen University 14:50 15:25 15:25 15:55 15:55 16:30 Palatant coating : back to basics Loïc BRAMOULLÉ - DIANA Pet Food 16:30 17:05 Feeding domestic animals with bee products Dr. Bozo Radic, Hedera 17:05 17:40  Pet owner insights driving pet food brand development Tom Vanderborght, DSM 19:30 23:00 Gala Dinner Day 3 09:00 09:35 Successful pet food strategies: more than excellent ingredients and state-of-the-art technology!   Marcel Blok, CHANGE STRANAMICS BV 09:35 10:10 Functionality of native and modified starches  in pet food Dr. Miroslav Hadnađev, University of Novi Sad, Institute of Food Technology, Novi Sad, Serbia 10:10 10:45 Moist Petfood Texture - Managing uncertainty David Primrose, Synergy Food Ingredients Ltd 10:45 11:10 Networking and Coffee Break 11:10 11:45 Microtracer® for Testing Homogeneity in Petfood Production  Dr. Sabine Artelt , MTSE GmbH 11:45 12:20 Specialty Treats in Pet Food Curtis J. Strahm, Wenger Manufacturing Inc. 12:20 13:20 Lunch and Networking 13:20 13:55 XOS, a new generation of prebiotics in pets   Dr. Hermann Bourgeois, on behalf of Longlive group 13:55 14:30 Veterinarians at the forefront of public health  protection  Dr. Jelena Šuran, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagreb 14:30 15:05 Dog Bakery Hov Hov, Slovenia - Brand Success  Story Nastja Verdnik, Hov Hov 15:05 15:20 Conclusion and Closing remarks Organisation 15:20 .. Coffee, Snacks and Networking